Tax Benefits from Oklahoma Oil Investment Strategy

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Powerful return potentials coupled with lucrative tax benefits so you can create residual income and keep more of what’s yours at tax time.

You will want to make sure to see the unique opportunities that we are finding in 2023 for qualified investors

Good thing you are in the RIGHT PLACE to position yourself to take advantage of what’s about to happen in the second half of 2023!

Let’s talk about how this year can also be great for you to invest in Oklahoma Oil!

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tax benefits of oil investing strategy
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One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

We use our expertise to partner with the best operators in the world in North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas. These partnerships have allowed us access to great opportunities for minerals in some of the best oil and gas fields in the world.

01: long-term passive income


Royalties are paid first from a well’s pre-expensed production revenue. Royalty owners typically receive 20-25% of cash flow after production taxes have been paid.

02: tax advantages


Royalty owners enjoy a depletion allowance which waives income taxes on the first 15% of royalty income on an annual basis.

03: it requires minimal technical knowledge

It Requires MINIMAL Technical Knowledge

It’s a plug-and-play system that even the least tech-savvy business owner can easily operate.

You can literally be all set up and ready to go within the 1st hour!


Just like traditional real estate, oil and gas mineral and royalty interests are considered like-kind replacement property for the purposes of a 1031 exchange.


As ‘like-kind property,’ oil and gas royalties are eligible for IRC-1031 Exchanges, which provides capital gains tax relief for real estate and energy investors.


Diversify your IRA portfolio by investing in oil & gas royalties. Self-directed IRAs are distinctive because they allow investments in royalty properties, which are considered real property

Building Partnerships for over 35 years

We have partnered with the world’s most successful exploration and production companies to provide high potential oil and gas investment opportunities to qualified investors.

Who I Am – And How I Can help you.

greg hillman at dw energy group

I’m Greg Hillman and I am a tenured veteran in the oil and gas industry, with more than 35 years of experience. I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of oil and gas, from developing future prospects, obtaining oil, gas, and mineral leases, drilling, completion, operation, 3-D Siesmic shoots and production.

At home in Dallas, Texas, I promote energy independence by reducing the country’s reliance on foreign oil by connecting you (qualified private capital) and the Oil & Gas Industry.

In my spare time, I proudly support our fallen heroes, POW, and MIA by riding with the Patriot Guard Riders and participating in the Run for the Wall.

I am your trusted resource for qualified oil and gas investing in the energy industry, having spent more than two decades representing individual private equity partners, family offices and private partner groups. I’ve assisted partners to discover and produce more than 15 million barrels of oil and 500 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Through decades of significant industry and global changes regarding oil and gas investment strategies and technological changes that have altered the energy space, I am your eyes and ears at the forefront of the industry. I’m dedicated to helping qualified oil and gas investors play a role in achieving energy independence for the United States.

Connect with me to receive specialized oil and natural gas investment services, including:

  • lease banking
  • overriding royal interest acquisition
  • acquiring producing properties
  • developmental drilling programs

Some of our Partnerships Include:

Who is this for?

High Net Worth individuals are drawn to oil and gas investments because they offer some of the most powerful tax advantages such as high 1st year deductions for intangible drilling costs, depletion allowances, which creates partial tax free income for the life of the well or the project.

In certain jurisdictions, oil and gas investments may offer tax advantages that enhance the after-tax returns for investors. For example, some investments may qualify for tax incentives or deductions related to energy exploration, production, or development activities. These tax benefits can enhance the cash flow generated from oil and gas investments, making them even more attractive from an income generation standpoint.

As a result, including oil and gas in a diversified portfolio can serve as a hedge against inflation risks coupled up with some lucrative tax relief.

financial planning


Financial Planning

Oil and gas investment tax preferences are among the best of any asset class – investing in real estate, stocks, and bonds simply do not provide the special and considerable tax advantages associated with direct investing in oil and gas exploration.

create a diverse portfolio


Create a Diverse Portfolio

For many qualified investors, oil and gas investing is a welcome complement to low-yielding fixed-return bonds, volatile stocks, or real estate and private equity investments that involve the use of leverage to achieve a desired return on equity.

personal wealth management


Personal Wealth Management

While oil and gas tax write-offs are great, DW focuses on financing projects that have the highest potential to deliver excellent cash returns and generate long-term passive monthly income streams for our qualified investors.

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Why qualified investors choose experienced operators and how you can get started in these lucrative partnerships

Why Qualified Investors Choose Experienced Operators

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