{VIDEO} Pickering Energy Partners also echo the Q3-Q4 optimism

by | Mar 4, 2023 | Oil Prices, Energy, Pickering Energy Partners

The Q3-Q4 oil and gas industry optimism is also shared by executives at Pickering Energy Partners.

{VIDEO} Pickering Energy Partners also echo the Q3-Q4 optimism

From CNBC:


There’s a lot of optimism on oil for the second half of 2023, says financial services firm, Pickering Energy Partners.

The oil industry is influenced by a wide range of intricate factors, encompassing market dynamics, geopolitical events, environmental concerns, and technological advancements. As we entered Q1 of 2023, a sense of optimism enveloped the industry, fueled by several noteworthy factors:

– The consistent influx of capital into the energy sector is anticipated to persist, driving growth and innovation.

– Our outlook remains constructive on crude prices, undeterred by short-term uncertainties, as we anticipate a steadfast upward trend.

– The current valuation of stocks suggests that we may be approaching the end of the cycle, creating a window of opportunity for lucrative oil investments.

Analysts are especially buoyant about the latter half of the year, with prospects for further growth and development in the industry.

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“There’s a lot of optimism in the back half of the year among analysts.”

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