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Above average return opportunities → Residual Income → Keep more of your income at tax time


Just like traditional real estate, oil and gas mineral and royalty interests are considered like-kind replacement property for the purposes of a 1031 exchange.


As ‘like-kind property,’ oil and gas royalties are eligible for IRC-1031 Exchanges, which provides capital gains tax relief for real estate and energy investors.


Diversify your IRA portfolio by investing in oil & gas royalties. Self-directed IRAs are distinctive because they allow investments in royalty properties, which are considered real property

Building Partnerships for over 35 years

We have partnered with the world’s most successful exploration and production companies to provide high potential oil and gas investment opportunities to qualified investors for over 35 years.


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Oklahoma Oil Investment Opportunities

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Wyoming Oil Investment Opportunities

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South Texas Oil Investment Opportunities are fully subscribed right now.

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North Dakota Oil Investment Opportunities

Some of our Partnerships Include:

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